AWM Investing Rules

Our Chief Investment Officer, Steve Giacobbe, has been investing on behalf of clients for decades.  Based on his experience, he has developed a set of rules that lead to long-term investing success. Our rules for investing are reinforced by our commitment to being good stewards of our client’s capital, managing each account with the same attention to detail that we manage our own.  

  • Focus on executing your process, not short-term results
  • Asset allocation is the most important decision
  • Markets will tend to mean revert over time
  • Volatility is a friend to the long-term investor
  • Contrarianism works when markets are at extremes
  • Don’t be an emotional investor, know your strengths & weaknesses, have a plan
  • Admit mistakes - sell your losers and let the winners grow
  • Valuation wins in the long-run
  • Costs matter
  • Risk cannot be avoided, be decisive when opportunities arise
  • Wall Street is not your friend - avoid hype and complexity
  • Avoid intellectual arrogance, it is the enemy of good decision making