Q: What can I expect as a client of Accredited Wealth Management?
Our firm provides you with advice and expertise in investment management and virtually all aspects of your wealth management. Each client will work directly with our managing partners to develop and implement strategies that give you the opportunity to meet your stated goals. We meet regularly and communicate frequently. You can expect us to be creative, proactive, independent, objective, and skilled technically.
Q: Why do I need an independent financial advisor? What can you do that I can't do myself?
There are many reasons that our clients have hired us. We can often be more objective and help make the best decisions for your financial planning, investments, estate planning and other wealth management needs. We have a highly experienced team with a long history of success and advanced credentials including Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), the highest designation in the investment area, and Certified Financial Planners (CFP®), the highest designation in financial planning area. We are locally owned and have no parent company dictating products or services clients "should" own – we only use "tools" that are in the best interest of our clients. A big plus is our ability to put your investment results in the context of an overall game plan. Our exclusive Wealth Management Tracker system is designed to document your specific goals and monitor your progress.
Q: What if I have other advisors with whom I am comfortable?
We regularly work collaboratively with your other professional advisors. If you do not have a qualified accountant or attorney, we will refer you to one. Since we are a fee-only firm, we do not get compensated for any product. If you have insurance agents with whom you are comfortable, we will work with them to evaluate your existing programs and give an objective second opinion. We also have the ability to help with banking relationships and mortgage or other financing programs.

Q: Who is your firm's typical client?

Since every situation is unique there is no such thing as a typical client. Our clients tend to want objective, comprehensive wealth and investment management. In general, they also want to understand why something should or shouldn't be done, rather than just how it can be done. Since we typically charge a fee based on assets under management, we are best suited to serve those with investment portfolios that are over $250,000. We work with a variety of clients:
  1. Charitable organizations and endowments – we have extensive experience and expertise developing investment policy and managing investment strategies for institutions.
  2. Retirees or near-retirees – Clients want to know whether they will have enough to comfortably retire and how their money should be invested to help with this comfort. We have experience in many areas, including income planning, navigating Social Security, long-term care, investment, and charitable planning.
  3. Physicians and other professionals – We work with many types of professionals on their individual planning as well as their retirement planning. Professionals often have specific issues to which our expertise lends itself.
  4. Generational Wealth – We work on strategies related to passing money on to the next generation. While this may involve some complex investment, tax, and estate planning, where appropriate, we are also able to organize family meetings to foster communication.
  5. Executives – Stock option planning is often a critical component in executive compensation. We have extensive experience in understanding black-out periods, holding requirements, incentive stock options, non-qualified stock options, and stock trading plans. We will work closely with your firm's Human Resources department to satisfy all compliance requirements.
  6. Business Owners – When you own your own business, you often need help with regard to decisions about reinvesting in the business or diversifying. Estate planning becomes extremely important, as do family meetings. We've also helped a number of our business owners with the sale of their businesses. Having created a successful business ourselves has given us both the knowledge and the wisdom to counsel our business owner clients.
Q: How do your fees compare to others?
Our fees are quite reasonable and below most brokerage and investment management firms. We utilize custodians with very low costs and good execution. Whereas many banks and brokerage firms earn hidden fees from certain products and strategies, you always know exactly what you'll get at AWM. We "earn our keep" by helping clients achieve a greater level of success and sleep well at night knowing they have a team of strong professionals looking out for their best interests.